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Southfields Academy

Southfields Academy

Mobile Phones

Students may bring a phone to school, but it must be switched off and put away in their bag on arrival.  Headphones/AirPods etc. may not be used on Academy premises.  Please see the presentation below for further details of our policy.

In some instances, mobile phone usage may be authorised by a teacher as part of a lesson.  In such cases, a sign will be displayed on the classroom window or door to indicate this.  Sixth Form students may use their mobile phones in their common room.  They are not permitted to use their mobile phones anywhere else on site unless authorised by a teacher as part of a lesson.

Unauthorised use of a mobile phone will result in the phone's confiscation and retention in the General Office for the day.  Repeated unauthorised use will result in parents / carers and student being asked to attend a meeting to collect the phone and to discuss the misuse of it.