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Southfields Academy

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Home Learning - school closure

Please find links to Home Learning pages for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 below, and support for parents of students in all years using Google Classroom.

Please visit each year group's dedicated page to download home learning resources.






For parents / carers supporting their children in Years 11, 12 & 13 students will, mainly be using Google Classroom ( please see below a guide to support you with Google Classroom our online learning platform.



Parents please use the sample timetable below to help you support your child with their Home Learning.  Please ensure that they plan a variety of activity during the week to support their learning.  Make sure they include all of the subjects that they currently study.






Break time – food, exercise alone, fresh air




History or Geography or MFL (EBacc)


Lunch and fresh air


Art or Music or ADT or Computing or Health & Social Care or Sociology


Pastoral activities, PSHE or reading

A blank timetable for them to use is available to download here. 

Information for Year 12 students and their parents:

We have asked teachers to set work for Year 12 students during the closure. Work will be set using our existing online systems (Google Classrooms, email or website.) If you are unable to access work via these systems please let us know via your child’s Head of Year and we will try to send suitable work home.

In addition to the tasks that individual teachers set students can also;

  • Access the wealth of revision resources on line, including subject specific platforms such as GCSE Bitesize, Seneca and Educake. 
  • Use the published revision guides and question booklets that many students have purchased. 
  • Continue to revise from exercise books/class notes and lesson materials using the revision techniques that have been shared with them. (Help for parents to support their children with revision is available here.)
  • Access past papers from the relevant exam boards (See below the list of exam board specifications). 

Please help your child to structure their day. We would recommend they follow their usual timetable of lessons as a guide and we encourage them to start their day at 8.20am and finish at 3.30pm, allowing your child to develop poor routines of sleeping and eating will not support their learning. If you would like to support your child in designing a plan of study we have provided an example and blank template above.

It is vital that you and your child stay in touch with the separate class teachers throughout any period of closure. Students should be meeting deadlines that their teachers are setting and they should be making use of the chat forum on google classrooms to ask questions and seek any necessary help.

If you would like to email any subject teachers that teach your child please find the email addresses for all teachers on the relevant pages of the curriculum areas here. If you are struggling to engage your child in the work they have been set then please email Mr Draper or Mrs Frusciante.

Exam boards for A Level examinations:

Biology AQA 7402
Chemistry AQA 7405
Computer Science OCR H446
Economics B Edexcel 9EB0
English Literature AQA 7712 Option A
Film Studies Eduqas A670QS
Further Mathematics Edexcel 9FM0 Options: Decision Maths 1, Further Mechanics 1
Geography AQA 7037
German AQA 7662
History A OCR H505
Mathematics Edexcel 9MA0
Politics Edexcel 9PL0 Option B
Psychology AQA 7182
Religious Education OCR H573 Option A
Spanish AQA 7692