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Anti-Bullying Policy Statement for parents and students

What is bullying?

Bullying is when one person or group of people do or say something to harm or intimidate another person or group.  It is deliberate, persistent, targeted, with intention to hurt, exclude, harass, threaten or frighten a person.  This may be in person or online.

We will not tolerate bullying behaviour which is:

  • Physical - hitting, spitting, kicking, pushing, taking or damaging belongings.
  • Verbal - name-calling, nasty teasing, mocking of accents or spreading rumours.
  • Emotional - deliberately leaving someone out or ignoring them.
  • Discrimination - bullying or jokes and negative language about an individual's characteristics.
  • Cyber-bullying - bullying via electronic means i.e. computer, tablet, together with the misuse of photos, messages, texting or email.

We have a duty of care to protect each other and to maintain a safe, healthy, environment.


  • Talk to a teacher or someone who you trust.  This might be someone in your family.


  • Try and stay calm and bear in mind that the teacher may not know that your child has been bullied and may have heard a different version of what happened.
  • Let the Academy know what happened, giving dates, places, and names of other students involved.
  • Let the Academy know if things improve as well as if problems continue.
  • If need be, arrange an appointment with your child's Form Tutor or Head of Year.

Parents and carers should note that the Academy will intervene if information is given of a student misusing technology to cause distress.  In all cases the equipment used will be retained by the Academy to assist in its investigation.


For more information:

Visit CEOP: 

Visit ChildLine: