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'Google Meet' - Remote Learning Practice

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you and your family are well and managing during these challenging times.

Following Government guidelines, we have been continuing to operate an on-site provision for all students. Although it is our sincere hope that this continues, we must also prepare for any eventuality, including a situation where we ask the students to access learning remotely.

In the event of students being directed to learn from home, we will deliver lessons via ‘Google Meet’. We have not previously used this approach with Key Stage Three students, and therefore it is important that we prepare your child as best we can.

We will be delivering one remote tutor time activity via Google Meets for your child, at 3pm on the date listed below. Please look for your child’s tutor group to identify the date they will be participating.  

To support us in the smooth running of this activity please ensure your child has:

-logged onto their Southfields Academy ‘Google Meet’

-turned off their camera and muted their microphone

-something at hand to make notes

Participation in the activity is mandatory, and your child’s tutor will take a register at the beginning of the session. Throughout the ‘Google Meet’ students should be ready to turn on their microphone and respond at the request of their tutor. For safeguarding purposes, and as stated in our ‘Remote and Blended Learning Policy’, no one other than the student should be present in the ‘Google Meet’.

‘If there is an indication that an adult (outside of the Academy) might be present in the Google Meet the class teacher should terminate the lesson and report it to their HoD.’

As well as using this opportunity to gather feedback from the students, we would like to collect some parent voice and ask you to provide your evaluation of the process via an online Survey. This can be found at:

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely

David Whitfield
Assistant Headteacher
Curriculum, Progress and Standards - KS3

You can click below to download and print a copy of this letter.